Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wonderful Handmade Items

Did you know that you can go to a wonderful site on the internet and find the most marvelous Handmade Items of all different kinds by many different artist? That site is Of the many wonderful shops on, there is one particular one I would like to introduce you to today. With a fun name like 'ShineYourHineySoap' you know you are bound to find some fun items inside. This shop has a lot of very nice handmade soaps and creams. These would be a fantastic mothers day gift. I know that my mom would just love a bar or two of the most yummy smelling soaps to grace her bathroom vanity.

I love the Island Fruit with Blueberry Seeds.

Or how about some lucious Lavender Vanilla....
Check out this wonderful store for more mouthwatering scented soaps and creams for your ShineyHiney.